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Restaurant Menus Everywhere: Our SinglePlatform Integration

This blog post is long overdue but we wanted to get a year of real-world testing under our belt before any official announcement. First, a glimpse into our founding philosophy: restaurants need to own their content!

The Dilemma

It all began in June of 2013. We were having a casual sit-down with one of our existing clients. They shared with us a recent instance in which a customer sat down for lunch and blindly ordered beef tips from the waitress. “Beef tips?” she confirmed, “we haven’t offered beef tips in over 3 years!” Disappointed, the customer explained that he had just read it with his own eyes “on some website.” Our team at DashCrowd works tirelessly to ensure their website’s food and drink menus are always up-to-date on their website but what about beyond their website?

Dining Decisions are Made Online

It’s been an increasingly-heated debate whether 3rd party directories and review sites help or hurt small business. Sure, they may be a welcome resource for customers but business owners do forfeit some control when being listed on these websites. Here at DashCrowd, we constantly strive to put control and ownership back in the hands of restaurateurs in every way possible. This effort begins with a living, breathing official website. Many potential patrons will surely glance at your reviews on any number of 3rd party platforms but we believe the restaurant’s website is really what seals the deal. People trust that your site contains the most up-to-date information, menus, prices, hours and news. When it comes to your own web presence, you have complete control over the message you send to the general public. Frequent blogs, recent news, tweets, posts and fresh content will assure your visitors they are reading the real story, straight from the source.

The Solution

So how does a restaurant translate this controlled presence to websites they don’t own? The answer is SinglePlatform. With one simple menu update in their control panel, your most-recent data is blasted to hundreds of the web’s leading consumer resources in real time. Major online destinations such as Yelp, Urbanspoon, Foursquare, Zagat, MenuPages, TripAdvisor, New York Times and many others publish SinglePlatform’s menus exclusively in their listings. Fact is, you can’t stop customers from visiting 3rd party sites but you can take back the important details of your business.

Yelp and Similar Sites

Last summer, DashCrowd invested in a flawless integration of SinglePlatform into our client website templates. Now, menu changes don’t just appear on the restaurant’s official website but popular 3rd party platforms, apps and communities as well. This effort has helped ensure our clients’ food menus, wine lists, happy hours and weekly specials are correct and up-to-date across the internet. Yes, SinglePlatform charges restaurant owners a monthly service fee (worth it), but we decided to offer this to all of our existing and future clients for free with their DashCrowd service, building-in added value and endless peace of mind.

Our partnership with SinglePlatform puts us one step closer to helping restaurant owners gain a solid footing in their online presence and managing how the world perceives their business.

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