Unboxing the Facebook Bluetooth Beacon

Being in the restaurant marketing space, I happen to be an Administrator for a handful of my clients’ Facebook pages. In March of 2015, I began receiving occasional notifications in my news feed asking me to apply for a Facebook Bluetooth® Beacon. As someone who has been curious about the possibilities of beacon technology in the retail space, I immediately jumped on board and filled-out t…

5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Restaurant Online

Restaurant owners always ask us, “How can my business stand out on the web?” We’ve reached a time when small businesses appreciate the value of search engine presence but still aren’t quite sure how to achieve it. I’ve always said online prominence is more of an art form than a science, really, and it’s something that can be mastered by anyone, regardless of their level of computer…

Restaurant Marketing Tips for July

We just emerged from a seemingly endless winter here in New York. The suddenly warm weather brings a lot of uncertainty to restaurant owners. Will locals stay put and sample all their favorite spots they’ve been missing lately? Will they seek outdoor seating exclusively? Or will they disappear to the Hamptons for the next two months, leaving the city sidewalks eerily desolate? Will America’s…

Restaurant Website Traffic Report

Just for fun, we randomly selected ten of our clients for a website traffic study. Using each site’s Google Analytics from Feb 1, 2013 – Feb 1, 2014, we completed a general comparison in search of noteworthy trends and overall user behavior. Our sample sites totaled just under a million page views for the year (991,490 to be exact) and included a healthy mix of restaurants, bars, lounges,…

Food Photography: An Adventure in Flavor

DashCrowd is a full-service partner for bars & restaurants. This often means our duties are somewhat undefined but allows us to help clients on a more personal, custom-tailored level. If you follow us on Facebook & Twitter, you’ve surely picked-up on our close relationship with Faces & Names, one of our very first clients. Partially attributed to its proximity to our office and…

Consistency in Marketing

As a restaurant with a growing customer base, it’s absolutely crucial to streamline your online & offline presence. Although very common with large chains and restaurants with mega marketing departments, this simple practice is one that seems to get lost in many small to medium-sized businesses. It may not appear to be a huge deal, but consistency is a key psychological component to your…

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